Coaching - Support on Inner & Outer explorations

The word coaching is just a label that means different things for different people.
Coaching for me means supporting people on their inner and outer journey in life whilst not being limited to any classification of social position or psychological labelling. Hence, I want my support to apeal and to be accessible to anyone.

With my clients we work on developing Self-Leadership from the beginning of our relationship and to learn to lead from a more integrated Self. I work from a holistic perspective to align the inner parts of the psyche with the stated goals and aspirations. 
We work on resolving inner and outer conflicts through developing an empahtic cummunication style between your Self and all the inner and outer relationships, and between the inner parts. The inclusion of all inner parts is essential for whole system alignment in support of any change initiatives.

On this journey we will discover hidden drivers of your behavior, communication and decision making.

Learn to draw on your innate wisdom and guidance to navigate life’s challenges and find innovative and effective ways to positive outcomes.

My coaching style is based on practical combination of the Nonviolent Communication process with the Internal Family Systems process.

  • English, Dutch and Italian.
  • Face to face or online
  • Accessible for all income levels