Ch’an / Zen Practice Group 

This group provides participants with a meditation practice in the Ch’an Mahakaruna tradition. 

Practice Group meeting structure

  • Opening
  • Zazen (sitting meditation) 30 min 
  • Hisamatsu’s Vow of Humankind, free to join or sit in silence 
  • Kinhin (walking meditation) 10 min 
  • Zazen (sitting meditation) 30 min
  • Sutra(s) recitation, free to join or sit in silence
  • Closure
  • Opportunity for dokusan (individual Q & A) 10 min pp


Practical details

  • Free 
  • Location - West Oxford, OX2 9HQ
  • Some cushions / stools / chairs available

Dates and time 

  • Please contact me for details

For registration click here

Registration for each seperate meeting is required.

In our daily life, meditation can be practised in almost every activity by being  aware and fully present with your activity, i.e. walking, eating, writing, gardening, painting, playing etc.