Reiki Distance Treatment

Reiki energy can be sent over time and over space. Reiki Distance Treatment has the great benefit of allowing the person to receive Reiki energy  anywhere and everywhere in a quick and easy manner. To receive a distant healing treatment, you do not have to spend extra time or go anywhere to receive Reiki treatment. 
It is a good practice to set a specific time for the distance healing so that both the practitioner and receiver can create the healing space wherever they are. This also important as Reiki has a calming effect that initiates a relaxation response with most people. Hence, it may not be advisable for the receiver to be driving a vehicle, operating machinery or engaging in an activity in which full concentration is required because some people tend to fall asleep when the Reiki energy is flowing. This of course would not apply to everyone, but merely it is something to keep in mind.

Who can receive a Reiki Distance treatment?

  • The receiver of a Reiki Distance treatment can be a regular hands-on client of mine that would like to receive Reiki when unable to physically attend a Reiki treatment. 
  • The receiver can be anyone that has specifically requested me to give him/her a distant Reiki treatment. 
  • The receiver can be anyone that I want to sent a Reiki energy to for their support, without having their consent. The Reiki Distance treatment process does include the option for the receiver to reject, consciously or unconsciously, the received Reiki energy.

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