Prayer of Mount Kurama (Japan)

In May 2016,  we visited Mount Kurama, in Japan, the place where Mikao Usui received his Reiki enlightenment and became the founder of the Usui System of Natural Healing.

I understood that his experience could only have happened on this specific mountain when I discovered the following Prayer of Mount Kurama:

Since primordial times, the life-energising vitality of Mao-son (symbol of Power), the great king of the conquerors of evil and the spirit of the Earth, has pervaded Mount Kurama. Imbued with this life energy, a wide variety of life forms resides here in serenity, and the rich natural environment continuous to flourish. Since the guardian of heaven Bishamonten (symbol of Light) at the end of the Nara Period and the thousand-armed Senju-kannon bodhisattva (symbol of Love) at the beginning of Heian Period became enshrined in this land, people have continued to flock here to offer their heartfelt prayers. 
At Kurama Temple today, these three venerated deities are worshipped as the trinity of Sonten (symbol of of Cosmic Energy). All those who come into contact with Mount Kurama not only receive the life energy emanating from the mountain but also become conscious of their own "shinge" (pure and innocent spirit), and look forward to the dawn of a world of peace and harmony where the lives of all people wil shine with the brightest of lights. 

To create a world, where all lives shine,
Beautiful as the Moon (Love)
Warm as the Sun (Light)
Powerful as the Earth (Power)
We trust in Sonten for all things.

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