NVC and Buddhism / Spirituality

These workshops focus on the contribution that NVC  can make in supporting the Dharma practice, or other spiritual practices. We don’t explore in much detail the philosophical differences or similarities, instead we share practices for living the spiritual path with integrity of its teacings in the community, the sangha, in the world.

Comunicazione Nonviolenta e Spiritualità (NVC and Spirituality)
2-day Online workshop in Italian
2020 (2 workshops)

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Deepening NVC in the Awakening Dialogue
The Awakened Heart Sangha (Wales)
Lama Shenpen

NVC and Buddhism
3 day workshop at Korean NVC Center in Seoul
Integration of NVC, Intern Family Systems(IFS) and Zen

Spirituality in NVC
Vrijzinnigen IJsselstreek, Brummen, Netherlands


Zen and NVC - Basic and Follow-up workshops
Zen Peacemakers Belgium and The Netherlands
Frank de Waele Roshi
2015-2020 (ca. 20 workshops)

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Awakening Compassion 
Learning Nonviolent Communication in a Zen environment
Rödjorna Retreat Center Sweden