Lead Your Life - Deepening course
Exploring and releasing legacy and sociocultural burdens

One-day online course in English  
May 8th, 2022  (9:00-17:30 UK time)

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We learned how to integrate the complementary nature of NVC and IFS. The awareness of, and connection with, parts in a Self-lead inner system highly contributes to how we relate to ourselves (self-empathy), others and the wider social system (empathy). 

In this course we will further expand this awareness and connection by developing an understanding of the nature of legacy and cultural burdens. This will create a more profound clarity of how we have been, and still are, influenced by our ancestors and by our social and cultural environment and how to become concious and liberate ourselves from these influences.

In the Lead Your Life Foundation course we have already encountered the two different states of parts, a healthy state and an extreme state. These states can apply to the manager, firefighter and exile parts. When parts are in an extreme state they can be self-destructive and aggressive. 
We have focused in the foundation in getting to know our parts, unblending from our parts, and restoring them to their healthy roles so that they can contribute to a Self-lead inner system that is in balance and in harmony. In this process we successfully applied both the IFS and the NVC process for connecting, witnessing and empathising from Self with parts. 
The extreme behaviour of parts can often be restored by the above process, hearing their judgements and transforming these to observations, feelings, needs and request.

Sometimes we have to explore further the life of our parts, by helping them to release their burdens. In IFS there is an important distinction between parts and their burdens. Parts are not burdens, roles are not burdens.
Burdens are strong beliefs, emotions, energies that enter the system and the parts  as personal burdend through direct life experiences or as legacy and sociocultural burdens tat enter our system through absorption from our family, ethnic group, culture etc

In this course we will explore only legacy and sociocultural burdens.  

In this course we will explore:

  • what burdens are and how we notice them
  • what the different burdens are for the different parts
  • recognising legacy and sociocultural burdens
  • distinguishing legacy and sociocultural burdens from personal burdens
  • releasing legacy and sociocultural burdensburdens
  • transforming burdens into gifts
  • integration of the unburdening in our IFS/NVC practice


  • Your choice to pay between £35- £60 
  • There are 2 free bursary places (contact me: info@mahakaruna.org.uk)

Payment required upon booking.

Maximum number of participants is 18.
A prerequisite for participation is having attended my Lead Your Life Foundation course


"We are compassionate with ourselves when we are able to embrace all parts of ourselves and recognize the needs and values expressed by each part.”

Marshall Rosenberg