NVC and Spirituality (2-days online)

There are no course for 2022 scheduled yet.
Number of participants: minimum 8 and maximum 16


“I think it is important that people see that spirituality is at the base of Nonviolent Communication, and that they learn the mechanics of the process with that in mind. It’s really a spiritual practice that I am trying to show as a way of life.” MR

We all learn, share and teach at NVV in very different contexts with a different focus depending on the audience. I have often felt uncomfortable, not real, even not authentic. There comes a time when we feel the desire to totally embrace and integrate the essence or spirituality th lives in us into our NVC practice/work. This does not mean that there is a “wrong” and “right” way but it is my opnion that there are different places of awareness in ourselves from which we can practice NVC.

The aim of this workshop is to spend time connecting with, and sharing of, our own essence or spirituality from which we want to practice NVC and from which we want to live in relationship with ourselves and others. We will also explore the essence or spirituality in MR’s ideas and work, to arrive at a personal, and perhaps common, understanding of this very important dimension of the NVC.

The 4 weeks between the two workshop days will be used for:

  • practicing with the material from the first workshop day
  • deepening the practice with short exercises I will send you weekly
  • reflecting on the role of NVC and spirituality on your life journey
  • sharing and exploring experiences and insights in a small group

The focus of this workshop will be on developing inner wisdom and compassion through deep insights about how we want to practice and live NVC. On this journey I will be sharing with you processes that I have been applying in my own NVC and spiritual journey:

  • A fundamental compass that will supports you navigating  your spiritual journey in NVC in daily life
  • A way for leading more from your essence by integrating the complementary qualities and values of NVC and the Inner Family Systems (IFS) process  
  • A practical process for being fully present with anything that comes on your path on this exiting journey

We will be working both in plenary sessions, in pairs and in small groups. We will use various learning methods, including guided meditations, conversations and exercises that make good use of all the Zoom video conferencing options.
In the week between the two workshop days you will benefit taking some time for reflection, exploration and deepening your experiences of the first day.

This workshop will be a basis for deepening the theme of NVC and Spirituality in subsequent workshops in 2020/2021


  • £120 (high waged)
  • £100 (waged) 
  • £80 (low waged)

There are max. 2 free bursary places (contact me: info@mahakaruna.org.uk))

Payment required upon booking.

A prerequisite for participation is:
-Having attended a NVC Basic/Foundation workshop
-Some experience intergrating NVC in your daily life  
-Participating in both entire days

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