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Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Compassionate Communication or Giraffe Language as it is often called, is a  process that brings empathy and compassion into your life and your social environment whilst being authentic and honest to yourself and others. 

NVC has the potential to transform your life and that of others around you, at home with your family, with friends, at work in your team and organisations, in your community, or in the street with neighbours, and even with strangers, into mutually satisfying relationships.

The NVC learning journey starts by learning the NVC process and its specific communication skills and distinctions. This supports transforming judmental thinking and speaking into empathic connections and will lead to an awareness that is transformational in preventing and/or handling conflicts and emotions in a constructive and creative way. 

Learning and understanding NVC is relativley easy and it will empower you right from the start to discover and express, your core needs, in a honest and respectful way. You will learn how to listen deeply to the emotions and pain of others, hearing their needs and supporting them to explore and express their needs.

Our NVC workshops focus on both learning the NVC process and skills and on developing an awareness of the interconnectivity of human beings through shared universal needs. Our workshops are highly interactive with a little bit of teaching but above all practising in ways that meet your needs for learning and learning styles.


Nonviolent Communication was developed by Marshall Rosenberg and is a learnable process, an attitude, an awareness that can become a way of living, empowering yourself and others to live authentically. His book "Nonviolent Communication" sold over one million copies in over 30 languages (2015).

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