MahaKaruna - Oxford Compassion Practice

MahaKaruna is Sanskrit and means Great Compassion, a quality of being that the Oxford Compassion Practice activities aim to bring into our lives.

Nonviolent Communication, Reiki, en Zen practice, will provide you in different ways with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. A wellbeing that will make you feel empowered, connecting with the essence in you and in life.
We passionate want you and all  people to live compassionately from their empowered self and in honest and mutually satisfying relationships with other people, at home and in the workplace. 
Therefore, we provide public and in company workshops, personal coaching and healing sessions, in the UK and internationally that foster personal, interpersonal and social transformation.

Working with you new want to co-create a society that is based on compassion and mutual respect, contributing to the wellbeing of every living being on our planet. 

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